Man Cave Accessories and Stuff

The man cave. A place of solitude, wisdom and separation from life’s endless responsibilities. The kids are asleep. The wife is out with the girls. It’s time to enjoy sweet me time in the comfort of your own space. It’s where the magic happens. The perfect bro station needs the perfect man cave accessories to make your time truely enjoyable. Thatssickbro has assembled the perfect collection of man cave stuff to take your space to another level.

A note to the girlfriends: If you’re a girlfriend looking to keep your man happy, you’re in the right place. But you’ll need to know what makes the perfect Brostation. You’ll need to ramp up his viewing, chewing and poo’ing experience to unforeseen levels. A few simple additions to your mans’ hive will enhance his life – that’s definite girlfriend points…

So when it comes to man cave stuff, where do you start? To really enhance the essence of the man station, you’ll need to delve deep and consider the 5 senses of the cave and how they should be addressed according to the bro code:

Sight: A Brostation should be clearly labelled as a bro station with a suitable sign hanging from the entrance. Not until said sign is erected, should the dwelling be considered a man cave and be governed by international MC rules as outlined by the bro code section 17 verse 5.

Smell: If your designated man station doesn’t have a faint smell of beer, fine aftershave or cigar smoke, the situation must be rectified with the appropriate accessories. As it states under section 10 of the bro code, a deeply satisfying poo sign should be erected outside ones throne toilet room.

Taste: Perhaps the most important of the 5 senses in this scripture. A man dwelling should be well stocked with suitable foods for every situation, from gaming snacks through to munchie bites. As per the international drinking rules, one’s cup should be suitably full of any of the below: Beer, Ale (cider only if the temperature is over 30 degrees), Jack Daniels, Dark Rum, White Rum, Just any Rum really and Whisky….

Browse our man cave accessories below:

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