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Gamers can be some of the most difficult people to buy for. It only takes one silly slip up to enrage gamers of today. You bought a Mario t-shirt instead of a Halo t-shirt? Oh dear. You bought a fancy Xbox controller, but your man has a PS4. Jheeze. So how do you go about picking a gift for game obsessed bro’s? You can either click read more to find out, or browse our vast array of gamer gifts below.

Gamer gifts for him guide

Okay if you clicked read more, you’re ready to take your investigation to the next level and chose the perfect gift unique gift for your gamer. Firstly, you’ll need to study the anatomy of a gamer. Here are 5 tips for picking the perfect gift.

Study your subject in his natural habitat – to really get the essence of your subject, you’ll need to gain access to the inner sanctum. You may spot that he needs an epic bin to dump all of his red bull cans. Or his Xbox is in desperate need of pimping with a new Gold decal sticker set. If your subject has a man cave in which he performs his gaming duties, does said cave have a fridge? Is said fridge boring as hell? You’ll need to Gamify everything in plain sight. Even his fridge.

Assess your subject’s ergonomic needs – your subject will be so engrossed in his world that he’ll not notice anything outside of the game in which he is engaged. Perhaps he’s struggling with his drink? A drinking hat would go down a treat. Throwing controllers at the screen? Gamer proof glass seems like a winner. Ok, we don’t have gamer proof glass but we’re working on it. 

Behold his aesthetics – every gamer has a uniform / starter pack. Witty t-shirt? Check. High ventilation shorts. Check. Hoody with favourite Star Wars movie quote on it. Check. Hat with favourite game on it? What are his accessories  like? Is he wearing the latest Star Wars force band or is he going for a smart watch? It’s important that you find out what’s missing and complete the look.

Advanced: Assess his console. If you really want to score girlfriend, sister or Mother points, assess his current console and see whether you can take it to the next level by purchasing a brand new one. This is a costly and risky tactic and will take much skill in deciphering his console of choice. Or you could probably just ask. Yeah, just ask.

Think of the future – Your subjects current gaming set up may be holding him back from a world of games that he never dreamed of. That’s right. I’m talking Virtual reality. VR gaming is the way forward. Has your gamer jumped on this yet?

Bonus TIP for a gift for a gamer who has everything:

If you’re still struggling, you’ll need to take it back to basics and think carefully about the 6 senses of gaming:

Taste – check out his snacks and choice of beverages. Can his drinking and eating experience be enhanced?

Smell – A 5 hour gaming sesh isn’t pretty when it comes to smells. Some geek soap would go down a treat. Not sure if that’s a gift for him or for you?

Sight – Is his viewing experience good? Does your PC gamer have enough screens? If he has fewer than 5 then the answer is yes.

Touch – This area covers his sofa / gaming throne and controller. Can you make improvements in these areas?

Sound – Headsets and Bluetooth speakers are sure to be a winner in the sound department for a complete experience.

Happy browsing!

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