Are you looking for an Argos fidget spinner? They currently don’t have these in stock! The 3-spoke fidget spinner or sometimes known as a hand spinner is the latest of the fidget spinner products we are selling in the UK. The 3-spoke design can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways for both comfort and pleasure. Adults and children with ADD or ADHD find the 3-spoke design the most pleasing.

These products are proven to help sufferers of ADD or ADHD. They eliminate the need to be constantly moving or doing something in a very compact fashion. This reduces the risk of poor concentration and is a healthy alternative to drugs prescribed by Doctors.

Our fidget spinners are proven to help those suffering from ADHD, as the extra energy released can be put into spinning the toy. This in turn helps with Concentration and Relaxation. The toy you were always looking for! You can’t yet buy a Fidget spinner at Argos but you can buy one from Fidget Spinner UK.

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